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Why Choose Braun

Design and Spacing for Exceptional Strength

The strength of the Continuous Wire Basket is based on several unique features. One continuous length of wire is woven into a pattern of vertical and horizontal spirals welded at as many as 96 points. The distribution of stress minimizes chances of weld breakages. The vertical ribs of the Braun basket are contained and reinforced sandwiched between the tree ball itself and the noose like horizontals. As a benefit of the “sandwich design”, the overall strength and durability of the basket is multiplied and reinforced.

Precise Fit for Every Spade

Braun baskets are “Tailor Made” to specifically fit every tree spade angle and dimension in the industry to provide a better package. A proper fitting basket saves time in the field, (less crimping) the root ball “package” looks and sells better when the basket fits.