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Wire Baskets

As the leader in the Basket Industry, Braun is the innovator of:

  • The Continuous Wire Basket
  • The Pigtail Crimp
  • The Sturdy Pak

The CLASSIC wire basket is the finest that Braun offers.  The heavy gauge wire used with the classic will allow the grower and landscaper to move the B&B tree using most any method.  Chains have been used to lift the classic basket for years.

The Braun CUSTOM basket uses the same single wire and spacing design as the Classic. The lighter gauge,  malleable wire has proven reliable for years.

The Braun BULLET basket follows the exact design as the Classic and Custom weight baskets.  The BULLET matches what is being called the “standard” weight basket by others.  If you have tried light baskets and they work with your methods, the Braun BULLET will work for you. (Not recommended to be lifted by the loops)

Wire Baskets Spec Sheet

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