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Why choose a Braun tree?

We specialize in large caliper field-grown trees, all grown in clay loam soil. Our trees are grown not only to look great in our field, but to perform well for you and your customers.

  • Our clay loam soil allows our trees to thrive in the tough conditions of a typical landscape site.

  • Our horticultural techniques produce uniform, good-looking trees with a healthy, solid branching structure and a vigorous root system.

  • Our trees arrive as a great-looking package, in sound root balls with tailor fit wire baskets and carefully wrapped trunks.

  • Our short dig-to-transport time also means that our trees are fresh and never allowed to dry out.

  • We start with the best. We only buy the highest quality lining out stock.

All of this combined produces trees that are a great value — Braun trees sell first!

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